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Theory preparation

If you are studying for your theory and hazard perception test there are a number of publications you can get to help you prepare. Remember taking your driving test is different to school exams. You may have seen your school exams as a chore - a means to an end, but you only need to pass your driving test once and you will keep your driver´s licence for the rest of your life without any further testing. Your theory test then should not be seen as a means to an end - the theory is the rules of the road, it is there to guide you and help you keep safe on the roads and should not be taken lightly.

The best publications for preparing for your theory test are those written by the DSA. They set the theory test and so any publication will steer you in the right direction. Try to avoid simply practising mock theory papers in the hope that eventually you will get the answers right, understand the material and understand WHY you do something in a certain way. Having a deeper understanding will put you in good stead for your driving future ahead of you.

Due to the various elements of the theory and hazard perception test, Ignition Driving School advises that you get the following publications:

The DSA has now also launched the Highway Code and the Driving: The Essential Skills books as apps for smart phones and tablets. So if you prefer to download a copy you can do so via the DSAs website www.direct.gov.uk.