Motorway driving lessons

It is currently illegal for learner drivers to go on to a motorway during their course of normal driving lessons, and so it is only once you have passed your practical driving test that you will be able to drive on a motorway for the first time.

The thought of this can seem quite scary even to the most confident of new drivers!

On a motorway driving lesson you will learn how to:

  1. merge into the traffic flow of a motorway,
  2. get up to speed,
  3. keep the correct following distance from other vehicles,
  4. overtake, and
  5. exit the motorway.

You will also be taught about the road signs you will see and the lights and road markings to help you understand motorways better.

If you would like some assistance in motorway driving techniques, simply get in touch and we can arrange for a driving instructor to accompany you and design a course of motorway lessons specific to your needs. Motorway driving lessons are better done as 2 hour driving lessons to allow you to get down a junction or more and return.