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Fighting Fatigue whilst Driving

Now that the school holidays are here many of us head off on holiday within the UK or head out for day trips to have some family fun. Often we make journeys much longer than we’re used to and so it is important that we drive with safety in mind – remember it’s better to arrive late than not at all.

If your journey is longer than 2 hours make sure you have a break. Even 15 mins is enough to recharge the batteries, simply stop at the next convenient place and get out of the car to stretch your legs.

Make sure you have drinks and snacks on board too, anticipate that you may get stuck in traffic, journeys can become longer than planned if something major has happened ahead. Dehydration can make you drowsy and without any food your energy levels will start to deplete, so make sure you’re stocked up to keep you going.

Pick a good time of day to travel too and avoid travelling once it’s gone dark especially in the early hours of the morning. Many stretches of motorway are without lighting and you may find it difficult to stay awake and alert. Where possible have a few hours’ sleep before you set off on your journey so that you feel more refreshed before you set out.

As a last resort, look into alternative modes of transport where possible. You can start to get into the holiday spirit as soon as you leave the house and see the train / coach journey as part of the experience, which is all good!