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Driverless cars could soon be a reality

In California, a bill has been signed to enable driverless cars to be used on the roads in the State. Nevada has already passed a bill earlier in the year to allow driverless cars to be used.

For several years Google has been testing a fleet of computer-controlled cars to see if driverless cars could work in the future. In tests of over 300,000 miles´ of driving in driverless cars, Google has recorded no accidents. The only minor bump a car sustained was whilst a driver was actually driving it.

So are computer-controlled cars really the future? There is clearly a lot of testing still to be done, but car manufacturers such as Audi, Volvo and Ford have also been doing their own tests using such technology, so driverless cars could soon be a reality.

Across the industry more and more computer-controlled functions are being introduced to cars to combat driver error, such as automatic light sensors, parking sensors, the automatic parking brake and cruise control.

It is thought that computer-controlled cars will improve the quality of life of the driver, though the driver will still need to stay alert and be sat in the driver´s seat just in case of an emergency situation.