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Autumn driving

Yes folks, summer is finally over! What summer, I hear you cry? Well, short as it was, it is over but fear not it has been replaced with one of the most colourful seasons on the calendar - autumn! All the trees changing colour can make for beautiful scenery and make the drive to work more interesting.

The downside to autumn is that the leaves fall and can make the road surface more slippery, so make sure that your tyres are in good shape. Bear in mind that winter is only a few months away, it makes sense to get them checked out now so that you are ready for any sudden changes in the weather.

It´s also much colder now and you may even have to de-ice the car! Get yourself prepared for such tasks by stocking up on de-icer. At the very least you will have to start mopping up dew off your windscreens and de-mist your windscreen from the inside of your car, so keep a towel or rag handy.

The nights are drawing in now too, it´s much darker earlier and you will most definitely be needing lights. Make sure all your lights are working, including your brake lights. You can do this simply by pressing the brake and checking the reflection in a window or getting someone else to assist you.

So get yourself ready for autumn and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you drive to work.