Driving Lessons Warrington

Make learning to drive in Warrington a fun experience with Ignition Driving School! With many years experience of helping people like yourself pass their driving test we know what it takes to get you through. In fact we've helped over 1650 people pass their driving test in the last 2 years alone!

Our driving instructor in Warrington, Lee, is fully qualified and local to the area. He is also flexible as to his teaching hours and covers evenings and weekends too. Your driving lessons Warrington can continue also when you're at home with our online learning experience, The Hub. At The Hub you can prepare for your next driving lesson and practice unlimited theory papers all FREE and exclusive to Ignition Driving Schools pupils.

Ignition Driving School offers a range of driving courses to suit your needs. So whether you are starting out for the very first time or have already passed your driving test we are ready to help. If you have had no experience of driving at all, we offer the first 4 driving lessons Warrington for £40, which will get you well on your way! We also have block booking discounts to help keep the cost of driving tuition down throughout. If you would prefer to learn to drive at a quicker pace, then we also provide intensive driving courses in Warrington too. Prices start from just £280 for 10 hours of driving lessons and a practical driving test and £310 for 10 hours of driving lessons and a theory test, practical driving test and course books.

Testimonial by David
I had been with 3 driving instructors over the 10 years since i started doing lessons. The instructors i had been with were unhelpful and told me what to do and i lost interest in learning to drive as they all seemed the same.

My partner then encouraged me to start again after a 3 year absence and I chose Ignition and I found that (the instructor) was a real gem. He listened to me and talked me through everything from how and why things are done. He really pushed me further to make sure i was ready and was very honest with me the whole time, within the 3 months of taking lessons we grew a friendship as well and was really easy to talk to.

I cannot thank him enough for his time and effort he put in with me. Because of my instructor I was calm and I was able to stroll through my test.

Ignition, you have yourself a true gentleman and the best teacher I (and many others) could ever have.

Thank you!!!